Where you going? You don’t know for sure? Ask Li’l Slothy!
Click on the Slothoracle, and it’s claws reveal, what lies ahead of you. Go on and see what Li’l Slothy recommends.


Since ancient times, Sloths tell their babies a secret. Psshhh, don’t tell.

„When you’re floundering someday, simply clatter your claws together. Then stop! They’re already leading the way. Just read off their claws“, whisper sloth daddy and mommy into their baby’s ear.
With this Slothoracle the sloth youngsters find the right path through life. Obviously slowly, yet that’s the way they’ll reach the highest branches eventually.
The other animals were whining. „How are you doing that?“ And the humans asked wide-eyed: „What does your claw-oracle reveal?“
„Everything, that’s important“, the sloths replied. And like it’s their custom, they turned around, hung out, or slept a bit.
Everyone else turned jealous, most of all the humans. They wanted to be like the relaxed sloths. But they were too frantic, not as smart and had by no means claws that nice.
So they investigated the future in every way possible to them. The Irish tried with trees, the Chinese with yarrows and others laid on their back and stared at the stars.
But nothing wanted to work properly. That’s why the sloths stayed the only ones able to look beyond the day.
Until my great-great-grandfather, the three-toed sloth-researcher, came along. With a lot of patience he guessed the secret knowledge, even without claws on his own. And his research findings, he shared with his children, who told their children. And my mother whispered it to me. And now I’m, telling you:
Simply click once above, and Li’l Slothy already shows you his claws, and you discover their very secret language. Click again, and you know what Li’l Slothy advises. So you can tackle the next day at ease.

But don’t tell anyone! In the end, it is a family secret.


Actually this is a sad story, but it has a happy ending. Which is what you’d ultimately expect from a sloth story.

The child was far away overseas and its host mummy left it all alone. How lost it was, so far apart from its parents. No arms were there to cuddle, no shoulder to lean against, when it needed advice and a little consolation.
It mustn’t be sad, though. That’s why Mom and Dad let the child via Internet and long letters on about how to stand on its own feet. And the child plodded bravely through the deep Canadian snow.
But this time fortunately ended and the child was able to jump into its parents’ arms again. Then it grew. And grew. And now it wants to spread its wings. That’s a good thing! But every now and then, there are these teeny-tiny moments where it’s insecure and maybe a little lonely.
Since parents won’t always be there to give Li’l Slothy tips, they wrote down, what they knew about sloths and built their little one a very own Slothoracle. There, the child, that obviously is very grown and independent, can look up and find out what it wants from the future, very slowly, step for step.

Via the Slothoracle it discovers, that it isn’t that hard to grow up.


site notice

Everything you see here, was cobbled together by Thomas Schindler for his now pretty grown up daughter. If she isn’t sure, she can simply look up what Slothoracle advises. And walk further towards the future.

Thomas Schindler / Gleimstr. 53 / 10437 Berlin / Tel. 030 / 21 96 30 33
E-Mail thomas(at)slothoracle.com


A little thank you: I’m just a Li’l Slothy tinker, which is why I give thanks to Bente, who translated my crumpled German into finest English, also Dan Enright/Free Software Foundation and startbootstrap.com for the freeware components for Slothoracle.com. Kind regards, Thomas.